Card Access Request Form

This form is used to request card access for students, faculty, or staff to be enabled for their ID card.

This form can also be used to request that students be admitted to spaces upon request to Gordon Police in the cases that those students will not have a key or key card access.
This form should not be used to request a physical key to be issued. Key requests can be sent through Physical Plant.

Faculty and Staff requesting access must have authority over the space(s) they are asking to give access to.
Students may not request access for other students. Students who supervise other students who wish to grant access must have their faculty or staff supervisor request access.
When specifying hours of access, please request the minimum access required to meet the need in order to preserve the safety and security of all persons and items in the space.

***Please remember that it is campus policy that academic buildings remain closed to students on Sunday mornings prior to noon to encourage students to participate in a local church. If you feel you need an exception, please contact Gordon Police prior to requesting access to discuss the circumstances.